Chandigarh - The City Beautiful OR Pensioner's Paradise OR City beautiful OR city of roses

Chandigarh Travel Guide

Chandigarh, the union territory of India that also serves as capital city of two prime states Punjab and Haryana, is one of the most beautiful and well-planned city in the Northern part of India. Wide roads filed with greenery, lush green surroundings, flourishing gardens, dappled trees, wide roads, excellent communications and the most charming people are names a few that persuade people to spend some more time in the city. No doubt, Chandigarh city surely stands up to its name as the City Beautiful. This is also the first pollution free city in India with amazing location and colonies as well. There are incalculable of things to do in Chandigarh. One can decide to stopover the monuments and see the renowned structural design, have a high regard for the landscaping and travel around the Leisure Valley or take the nature tracks or view the development of Chandigarh in the City Museum, or simply gulp down the peacefulness of the Sukhna Lake.

The places to be visited in the Capitol complex of Chandigarh are the three major buildings of the Secretariat, the Assembly, and the High Court. All the aforementioned and amazing buildings are intertwined to one another as part of a delicate visual piece of music, precisely unprejudiced, and surrounding pretentious spaces. As far as the interior of the city is concerned, sector 17 is considered as one of the most beautiful part of the city as it is a sleek shopping area and the city centre as well. Planned around four walker public spaces meeting at a central chowk or junction, the Sector 17 of Chandigarh is a pedestrian's paradise dotted with fountains, sculptures, and groves of trees.

In addition to this, another place is also eye-catching that keeps travelers enticed for a long time. The place is Sukhna Lake that is another much loved pastime spot of the nature-loving people of Chandigarh is the Sukhna Lake in Sector 1. Created by building an artificial dam on a seasonal stream, Sukhna Lake is spread over a large area. Moreover, Rock Garden of Chandigarh spread over 12 acres of wooded land near the Capitol Complex, is the creation of a humble road inspector called Nek Chand. The urban waste material turned into creative patterns and textures, mute rocks turned into art objects attract tourists to Chandigarh.

As mentioned earlier, the city is known for beautiful parks and gardens and its perfect evidence is Rose Garden that is a home to thousand varieties of roses. Other prominent and worth visiting parks of the Chandigarh city are the Garden of Tranquillity, Garden of Rare Plants, Garden of Annuals, the Bougainvillea Garden, Botanical Garden, and the Garden of Aromatic Plants.
The city is well connected via air, road and rail to all major cities of the country and some main cities of the world. On the other hand, a close proximity to capital city New Delhi also makes it an amazing tourist place. The city is also a hub to start travelling Himachal Pradesh. Chandigarh is also known for five-star to luxury hotels and other accommodations. In this way, spending more days here is not a big issue.


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