Cochin - Queen of the Arabian Sea OR Gateway to Kerala

Cochin Travel Guide

Cochin, commonly known as Kochi, is one of the major cities in Kerala. The beautiful city is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea because of having some of the world's most beautiful harbors. Located on the South-Western coast of India in the state of Kerala, Cochin has a lot of attractions that are world-renowned and known for amazing architectural and their beauty. Right from natural beauty to wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples, churches, sea beaches to prehistoric monuments, the city has a lot to explore.

The port city is really symbolizes Kerala “Green paradise on Earth” as you will find mangroves and coconut trees here in large number. And at the same time, ancient cathedrals, churches, forts, palaces and temples keep tourists enticed for a long time. Every year, a heavy influx of tourists makes the city an amazing place to explore some of the natural wonders.

As far as the tourist attractions in and around Cochin are concerned, they are in a large number. Some of the most popular tourist places in Cochin are :

Backwaters Backwaters : The chain of brakish lagoons and lakes that are lying parallel to Arbian sea coast are the backwaters of Cochin that are the main attraction of Kerala also. Vembanad Lake is also the part of backwaters that is India's longest lake and the largest lake of Kerala.

St. Francis Church St. Francis Church : It is considered as the Oldest European Church developed by Portuguese Friars in 1503. However, the renovation work in 1779 makes it stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Santa Cruz Basilica Santa Cruz Basilica : It is also one of the amazing churches in Cochin that is also known for paintings created on the ceilings. It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Bolghatty Palace Bolghatty Palace : It is one the bank of pulchritudinous Bolghatty Island very close to Ernakulam district. It is now an amazing heritage hotel.

Mattancherry Palace Mattancherry Palace : It was also constructed by Portuguese that later gifted to Raja Veera kerala Verma of Cochin.

Willingdom Island : It is one of the most beautiful islands that got its name after Lord Willingdon who was the British Viceroy of India. It is not a natural island, but it was developed by men later.

In addition to the aforementioned major attractions, there are also a number of other tourist places that keep tourists enticed for a long time. Cherai beach, hill palace museum, Pareekshith Thampuran museum, Jewish Synagogue, Vypeen Island, and different marine drives are some of the added attractions of Cochin that keep tourists mesmerised for a long time and persuade them to come here again and again.

Today, there are also a number of world-class hotels, resorts and lodges here to accommodate. On the other hand, Yoga and Ayurveda centres also make it an ideal place for those who are looking for the right place to rejuvenate their mind and body. book now