Corbett - Jim Corbett National Park OR its leopards and elephants OR its highest density of tigers

Corbett Travel Guide

If Indian wildlife voyage take a complete brake anywhere, surly it is Corbett National Park located at a distance of about 260 kms from the Indian national capital, New Delhi. Commonly known as Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett National Park is one head of state wildlife reserves in the Indian sub continent that lies in the Kumaon region in the foothills of the might Himalayas. For wildlife lovers who wish to explore the dangerous animals or endangered animals in their natural habitat, it is one of the right place to explore.

Fame of Corbett National Park has been distant accomplishment and one motive is the widespread employment done by the well-known ecologist and writer Jim Corbett who was one amongst the beginners of the park. Later with an aim to appreciate their work and to give an honor to him, it is named after him with name Jim Corbett National Park. In the real way, it was instituted in the year of 1936. However, at that time it was known as Hailey National Park.

This accepted reserve has the difference of being the first to be awarded the status and the title of national park. In 1973 with the help and hold up from World Wildlife Fund the park was the first to come under the Project Tiger and for this reason the defensive lands for the graceful big cats was protected.

The environmental position of Jim Corbett National Park falsehood amid the Himalayan Ranges and Terai Belt as well. The amalgamation of hills and seaplane representing multiplicity of rivers, grass lands, forests that make it a noteworthy place to watch. In addition to this, the most of the part of the national park is draped with Sal forest, a pleasure to watch for the period of all weathers & seasons. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this national park has got its major status on account of Bengal tigers but lots of tourists also visit Corbett National Park to watch group of elephants, variety of bird species and the list goes on.

A combination of territories here is the home to a great type of mammals, birds and reptiles. On the other hand, its fortune of flora & fauna is undoubtedly observable when you take a trip to Jim Corbett National Park. You also get to see how the poles-apart forms of life have fashioned a perfect bionetwork at Corbett National Park.


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