Dalhousie - A gateway to the primeval Chamba Hill State OR A place of Scenic Beauty

Dalhousie Travel Guide


One of the most gleaming jewels of the snowy state of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is known for its picturesque beauty, pine forest ranges, snow covered peaks of almighty Himalaya, and a number of other natural attractions along with some prehistoric monuments and shrines. It wouldn’t wrong to say that this enchanting colonial town is like a gem in the crown of Himachal tourism that lures tourists from all parts of the world. Dalhousie is the gateway to the renowned and amazing Chamba valley that is known for magnificent snow clad mountains, lush green forest ranges and a number of other natural wonders.

Pine covered slops and the small trails are all that persuade people to come here to witness the untouched beauty. During your Dalhousie tours, you will get a plenty of chances to explore some of the natural wonders in your own way. In fact, every corner of this colonial area is full of attractions, but some of the major attractions that lure tourist, especially honeymooners and nature enthusiasts are Subhash Baoli, Jandhri ghat that is home to- palace, lovely streams and a number of other picnic spots.

In addition to the aforementioned tourist places, the city is also known for a number of other attractions like Catholic Church of St Francis. Moreover, Lakshminarayan Temple, Chamba Chaugan and the Bhuri Dalhousie are also worthwhile to see during your Dalhousie tour. 

Extensive on five hills that assortment in stature from 1,525m to 2,378m this epoch destination has supported well all that came to it in the course of time via the colonial intuition, the antique civilization and the good-looking environment. Even though it does not proffer much for visiting the attractions but it is an tranquil intention for those who conjure a laid back holiday examination the sun going down and getting higher again; listening to the tweeting of birds and murmur of torrents; expenditure hours to be glad about the fragrance & color of the flowers or simply in receipt of encouraged by the potent Himalayas.

The neighborhood of Dalhousie, on the other hand, includes some appealing visiting the attractions and places. Long-winded in the region of this up-to-the-minute yet moderately and nonviolent place is the best way to soak up the utmost of this hill town. Dalhousie is well connected via road to all the major cities of the country. In addition to this, there are also a number of hotels and restaurants that are enough to make your tour memorable with a feeling of a home like environment even away from home.


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