Garhmukteshwar - its 80 Sati Pillars OR its Ganga Fair OR holy place OR holy ganga river

Garhmukteshwar Travel Guide

India is not only known globally for its unique civilization, culture, backwaters, sea beaches, mountain ranges and prehistoric monuments, but also for pilgrimages and places of worship. However, there are a number of globally renowned holy places in the country that are known for the devotion and spirituality. In the same way, Garhmukteshwar is also adding more spice. It is the holy place in the state of Uttar Pradesh very close to New Delhi in Panchsheel Nagar District (A newly formed district in Meerut region). The holy place is known for the flow of pure Ganga River, the supreme River in India).

Garhmukteshwar is situated at national highway 24 that joining two cosmopolitan cities New Delhi and Kolkata. It is only 100 km from national capital. From Delhi, it is the only close place to River Ganges. However, its importance is not limited to some extent as the epic Mahabharata is also witnessing its value since ancient time or thousands of years. According to historical records, it was the part of hastinapur that was the capital of Kauravas .

And its evidence is the fort that is said to be built by Pandavas. The fort was later repaired by a Maratha general Mir Bhawan during Anglo-Maratha war. However, it is a bad luck that the palace is not in its actual form as it has been converted into ruins completely and one can only mark out some ruins that hardly suggest the much-talked grandeur.
According to ancient beliefs and Hindu Anatomy, Garhmukteshwar is also celebrated for its bathing fair that gets place on the Full Moon Day of the month of Kartik(October-November). According to previous records, more than 6 lacks persons, from far and near, move toward te town to have a dip in the river Ganges that they believe to be holy. Another fair, held on the occasion of Dussehra, attracts numerous devotees here.

The name of the place is consequent of the great temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga as well. Ganges is adulation done here in as many as four different temples that are located on the overhang overlook Ganges and beneath it. One of them is situated at the side of Meerut road that is known for its 80 Sati Pillars that stain the spots where Hindu widows are said to have dedicated sati.


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