Gwalior - Tourist Capital Of Madhya Pradesh OR The City of Scindia OR The City of Rishi Galav & Tansen Nagari

Gwalior Travel Guide

In the Indian history, when kingdoms of kings and emperors were spread in short parts, Gwalior did have an amazing significance at that time. Being a major commercial city of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is located only 122 kilometers in southern part from historical city Agra and 325 kilometers from the Indian Capital New Delhi. The city is without any doubt a royal city that is still witnessing a number of forts and palaces. In other words.

Gwalior dwells in a calculated position in the restrain province of India. The city and its fortification have handed round as the midpoint of quite a lot of of extraordinary northern Indian sovereignty. This major city of Madhya Pradesh has been changed hands many a times right from the Tomaras to the Mughals, the Marathas (under the Scindias) pursued momentarily by Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, Tatiya Tope to the British.

The city is full of palaces, forts and other prehistoric monuments where thousands of people come to explore the city. Some of the major attractions of the city are:

  • Gwalior fort
  • Gujari Mahal and archeological museum
  • Man Mandir Palace and Sas-Bahu Temple
  • Suraj Kund and Memorial of Tansen
  • Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus
  • Teli-Ka-Mandir
  • Kala Vithika and Surya Mandir,
  • Scindia museum

In addition to this, Scindia stadium, and a number of educational institute that are known for unique education and its culture are also centre of attraction. The city also has another way of popularity because it is very close to the largest BSF (Border Security Forces) training camp located in TakenPur. The city is also known for fairs and festivals that are celebrated in a unique way. For instance, Tansen Music Festival detained per annum in the months of November/December, is a chief edifying happening of traditional music carrying well-known performers and music lovers from all parts of the country.

The city is well connected via air, rail and road to all the major cities of the country. Today, thousands of tourists from all parts of the world come to explore the city and prefer to stay for some more days here. For them, there are a number of hotels, resorts and other accommodation options in the city. In addition to this, the city is also famous for a number of multi-cuisine restaurants and shopping malls. Therefore, your tour to Gwalior would be amazing and full of sweet memories.

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