Haridwar - The Holy City of Haridwar OR Har Ki Pauri OR Mansa Devi Temple

Haridwar Travel Guide

Indian has been a global tourist destination where a heavy influx of tourists from all parts of the world comes to spend their time amid the natural wonders, prehistoric monuments, and a number of other attractions. Pilgrimages are also one of the main attractions that lure the attention of foreigners as well to pay homage or to go deeply in the history. Haridwar is also one such major pilgrimages in the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India.

Haridwar, commonly known as the gateway to god, is one of the major tourist destinations in India where people globally pay homage to Lord Shiva temple and take a holy dip in the most sacred River Ganges. Har Ki Paudi, as the name implies is the main attraction in Haridwar where tourists from all parts of the world come. The place is also considered as the major pilgrimage hub because the major and ancient Char Dham Yatra that covers KedarNath, BadriNath, Gangotri and Yamunotri also begins from here.

As far as the city attractions are concerned, the city and its surrounding area is full of temples, holy places, Yoga and Ayurveda centers and a lot of other industrial area as well. And its evidence is the availability of BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electric Limited) that is one of the nine Ratnas of India.

Being of spiritual implication, it is obviously that Haridwar swarms holy festivals all the way through the year. And its evidences are Kumbh mela, Kavad mela, Somvati Amavasya mela and Ganga Dussehra when millions of devotees come to be a part of the grand saga. In fact, Kumbh Mela that is organized once in 12 years when planet Jupiter gets very closer to Aquarius is organized at a large level. It is believed that a dip in the Ganga during Kumbh mela paves the way to heaven.  

Haridwar is also an asset of an assortment of temples and spiritual places of attention apart from wildlife sanctuaries ayurveda and yoga centers and educational institutes as well. Anyone visiting Haridwar have to remain time sideways to visit all the temples positioned in the city and understanding the dutiful and holy feeling. In fact, Chandi Devi temple, Mansa Devi temple, Har-Ki-Pauri, etc are major attractions of the city that are visited by customer globally. A saga named Maha-Aarti that is organized everyday in the evening is amazing when priests and saints worship Ganga River with a huge fired Plate.

In addition to this, the city is also known for a number of tourist attractions and places to accommodate. Apart from this, Haridwar is also well connected via road, rail, and air to all the major cities of the country.


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