Khandala - its copious natural beauty OR its enormous innate magnificence OR its surrounding and trek and hiking trails

Khandala Travel Guide

If you have tired of your work and daily schedule and look for the right way to refreshment at a place where you can spend time in serenity, you have a better opportunity to explore Khandala that is one of the top most key hill stations in the state of Maharashtra in India. The hill station is very close to Mumbai at the western part of the Sahydri mountain range that is replete with the profusion of natural beauty, mountain ranges, serene environment and cool breeze as well that add more spice in the Khandala tours.

Khandala is a tiny and very lovely hill station that is in itself a spectacular scenic canvas of the plentiful jade hilly surrounds. If you are weary with the daily toil, you can take your car down from the rocking city of Mumbai to take up a few moments of peace. The several trek trails around it are happiness for the exploit enthusiasts.

Today, the most amazing hill station in the state of Maharastra has gained immense popularity within a very short span of time and has become a favorite weekend picnic point. Now, people from elite class and celebrities from surrounding areas and from top metropolitan city Mumbai come to spend some time here far from the city rush. And it is the main reason that there are a number of bungalows and beautiful farm houses of bollywood celebrities and business tycoons here. In addition to this, there are also a number of hotels and resorts to stay here during your Khandala tour. Exploring the scenic beauty here is really an amazing experience that keeps one mesmerized for a long time and persuades them to come and enjoy the tour again and again.

Today, with an aim to make your Khandala tour memorable and full of wonders, we also have come a long way with some of the most amazing attractions of the city that you cane explore easily. We also offer attractive and affordable tour packages that are specially designed keeping in mind the requirement of every tour aficionado.

Contiguous to Khandala, Lonavala is also one of the amazing hill stations that are barely 5 km from Khandala. It is a wonderful outing option from Khandala where a gorgeous depiction in itself, Lonavala is merely stunning during the torrential rain season as the place turns lush green amid waterfalls and ponds. In addition to this, there are also a number of other attractions in and around the hill stations to explore that will surely keep you mesmerized for a long time and persuade you travel again and again here.


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