Mathura - The Holy City of Mathura

Mathura Travel Guide

Located in close proximity to national capital New Delhi and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj mahal, Mathura is one of the main pilgrimages in India that is known as the birth place of Lord Krishna. Commonly known as Nand Nagari, Mathura is also one of the major cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The holy city is pay attribute by tourist from all parts of the world to explre Krishna Janm Bhoomi. On the other hand, the one of the globally renowned tourist place and pilgrimage center Vrindavan adds more spice in its popularity. Mathura and its surrounding area is full of attractions and pilgrimages like Vrindavan, Govershan, Gokul, Dauji, NandGaon, Barsana and a number of others.

However, the city in itself is also a home to a number of popular temples and other attractions. Some of the major attractions in the city are:

Shri Krishna Janm Bhoomi (Birth Place of Lord Krishna): The holy place is one of the most attractive place in the city that is highly explored by tourists who come to pay homage to lord Krishna. It is said there are a number of spots of the birth of Lord Krishna.

Dwarkadhish temple: It is also one of the most beautiful and attractive temple that was built in 1814. It is one of the most visited temples in Mathura that is also known for its architectural magnificence.

Government Museum: It is the perfect place where you will find artifacts of ancient time belonging to Gupta and Kushan period.

Kusum Sarovar: It is also one of the most striking places in the city that is spread in an area of 45o feet with 60 feet depth. There are a number of stairs to reach to the tank to take a holy dip.

In addition to this, Jai Gurudev Temple located at the national highway two in Mathura is also worthwhile to visit.
Today, there are a number of hotels, lodges, resorts and restaurants to accommodate and enjoy the real brij food. Mathura is also well connected via road, rail and air to all the major cities of the country. You from the national capital can reach here within two hours journey. The nearest airport of the city is domestic and international airport in New Delhi.


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