Mount Abu - an oasis in the desert

Mount Abu Travel Guide

Rajasthan is one of the prime tourist destinations in India that is known for a rich and glorious history and contemporary present. In fact, the entire state is full of attractions and has a charisma to keep tourists enticed for a long time. And in the same way, Mount Abu adds more glory in its ancient past and stand it on the top of must see destinations in India.

As far as Mount Abu is concerned, it is one of the beautiful hill stations in Rajasthan that is at an altitude of 1120 meter above sea level. In fact, it has been a rich and very sacred place in the heart of Jains as the city hosts an amazing Jain temple along with a number of other attractions. Mount Abu is also on the highest peak of Arravli ranges in the desert state of Rajasthan. Every year, considerable amount of tourists from all parts of the country and even from all around the world come to explore the scenic beauty of the only hill station in the desert state.

There are a number of major attractions in Mount Abu to explore that keep tourists enticed for a long time and persuade them to come here again and again. Among a number of major attractions, the most famous place to explore is Dilwara temple.

Dilwara Temple Dilwara Temple : It is one of the most famous Jain temples in the world where the interior decoration of the city keep everyone enticed for a long time. The globally renowned temple was built in the period between 11th to 13th centuries A.D. The main temple has been divided into five main parts that are dedicated to Five Jain Trithankars. These five parts include Shri Mahavir Swami Temple, Shri AdiNath temple (Vimal vashi Temple), Shri ParashavNath temple, Shri Rishabdaoji Temple and Shri NemiNathji temple.

In addition to Dilwara temple, there are also a number of other attractions like :

Nakki Lake Nakki Lake : It is a beautiful Picnic spot in Mount Abu that was created by Hindu God through his nails. Now, it is a perfect place for boating and water sports.

Guru Shikar Guru Shikar : It is one of the highest peaks of the Aravali ranges that are only a few km in the North-East of Mount Abu. The peak is also considered as the vital Hindu pilgrimage site.

Apart from Dilwara temple, Nakki Lake and Guru Shikhar, there are also a number of other major attractions like the Gurumukh temple, Adhar Devi temple, Shri Raghunathji temple, Mount Abu fort and the list goes on.

Mount Abu is also known for offering comfy accommodation and world-class amenities. And it’s perfect evidence can be seen in the hotels in Mount Abu. In addition to this, there are also a number of restaurants and local food points where you can enjoy the food of your choice.

Mount Abu is also well connected via road and rail to all major cities of the country. book now