Pahalgam - Valley of Shepherds OR Shepherds village

Pahalgam Travel Guide

Commonly known as the height of tranquility, Pahalgam is one of the perfect traveling destinations in the state of J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) known for its panoramic view from all directions. Located an altitude of 2130 m, the small, yet naturally rich tourist destination is a perfect destination away from the city hustle-bustle. For those people, who are looking for serene moments, Pahalgam is sure their dream destination far from city chaos. Even, for people who hardly wear the sun of May or June in different parts of the country, a tour and staying for some days here would be the right option for them in the from of summer retreat. Even in the peak summer weather, the climate of Pahalgam is so pleasant that it keeps travelers enticed and persuades them to come here again and again.

However, the famous tourist attraction has also a significant religious belief as it is the starting point of sacred Amartnath Yatra.

The beautiful tow located by the side of River Lidder is amazing place where the thick pine and cedar forests keep travelers mesmerized for a long time. For golf enthusiasts, the place is something more attractive as Pahalgam witnesses a very beautiful golf course that helps beckon tourists in many ways. In addition to golf, the place is also famous for different indoor and outdoor games and sport activities.

Needless to say, the town and its surrounding areas are so beautiful that the charisma entice tourists again and again here. There are a number of eye-catching attractions in the surrounding areas of town that are sure to spell bound you for a long time to come.

Chandanwari, for instance, is the magical place also known as a starting point of Amarnath yatra is full of natural beauty that speak about the real gift of Mather Nature that she gave to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.Chandanwari  is a only few km from the main town that is also 30 km from the main Amarnath cave.

In addition to Chandawari, other attractions like Mamaleshwara are also an ancient temple of Lord Shiva built in 12th century.

Tulian Lake, situated at an altitude of 3353 m above sea level, is remained frozen for the most o the year. The perfect and panoramic view of mountains from all the four sides makes it a perfect destination to explore during the trip to Pahalgam.

Aru is also one of the most beautiful places to explore during Pahalgam trip. The area is full of ravishing grassland and small self-sufficient villages.

However, the city is full of tourist throughout the year, but in the months of April to August, a heavy influx of tourists can be seen here. In fact, there are also a number of hotels and other accommodations in the city that are known for offering comfy stay.

Reaching Pahalgam is not a difficult task as J&K state transport corporation and private transporters have regular busses and taxis there from Jammu and other parts of the state.



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