Pondicherry - Paris of the East

Pondicherry Travel Guide

Puducherry, the latest name of Pondicherry, is a very popular tourist destination in India on the west coast of southern part of India. According to historical fact, till 1962, it was a French colony and still its impact can be seen here as French influence is in almost all parts of the city, even its traditions and culture is much according to French civilization. The French also have left a lot to explore here. And this is the main reason that there are a number of tourists’ attractions like churches, lighthouses and beaches here that speak all about French culture. The small, yet vibrant union territory of India is popular for a number of major attractions that keep travelers spell bound for a long time.

Among a number of major attractions Chidambaram is very popular that is a renowned temple town greatly revered by the local folk and pilgrims. The dancing form of Lord Shiva, Nataraja is the main attraction here. During the major Indian festival Shivaratri or Maha Shivratri, the famous place become a dancing place as a very popular dancing festival is organized here in a grand manner.

Poompuhar is another beautiful place only a few km from the main temple town Chidambaram. In ancient time, it was a very large port that is now popular for art gallery and for its education centers.

Like Chidambaram and Poompuhar, Thiruvannamalai is also one of the amazing temple town located at the distance of 107 km from Puducherry. In addition to the aforementioned places, Auroville is also one of the fascinating places that is known as the city of dawn. The city is spread in a large area with its center at Matri Mandir or the Temple of the mother.

In addition to this, small forest ranges and beaches also make it an ideal destination to explore. Every year, thousands of tourists from all parts of the word come to explore the amazing beauty of Puducherry. Today with the heavy influx of tourist, there are a number of hotels and resorts here along with different multi-cuisine restaurants. In this way, accommodating here is not a big issue.

The local government and Indian tourism department is representing the city at a great number to make it more popular. Even, different tour packages are also offered at affordable rates so that people from all parts of the country can explore it and be familiar with the history of this ancient union territory of India that used to be a French colony.


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