Puri - Montage of Puri City

Puri Travel Guide

Puri, one of the integral parts of the state of Orissa, is a prime attraction in India where people from all parts of the world come to pay homage to Bhagawan Jagannath (the Lord of the Entire Universe) and to explore the pristine beauty of Puri beaches, temples and natural wonders. With an aim to make your Puri tour memorable and amazing one, we also offer you golden triangle of Orissa that covers three major attractions of the state named Puri, Bhubaneswar and Konark.

Located only a few km from the state capital, Puri is however globally renowned for the most important sanctuary of the Lord Jagannath is the Gundicha Temple—the abode to Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. In addition to this, the beautiful beaches of Puri also keep one mesmerized for a long time. Every year, a majority of couples and honeymooners also prefer to spend some time in the serene environment of Puri beaches. In addition to Jagannath Puri temple, Puri is also famous for a number of other major attractions. Some of the very popular and major attractions in and around the city are :

udayagiri khadegiri caves Udayagir and Khandagiri caves : Situated on the hilltops of Udaygiri or Kumari Parvata, the beautiful caves are known for a unique and mysterious design. These amazing caves were built by King Kharavela of Chedi dynasty in the 2nd century. There are total 32 caves here wherein Rani Gumpha, Hathi Gumpha, Bagh Gumpha and Ajanta Gumpha are the impressive caves with unique symbols of Jain religion and paintings depicting the glory of the kings on their walls.

Konark Temple Konark Temple : Koark is also one of the amazing attractions located only a few km from the city of Puri. The renowned tourist place is known for Sun temple on the shores of Bay of Bengal that glorifies the power of God Sun. Temple is in the form of chariot with twelve giant wheels depicting the twelve months of a calendar. The chariot is driven by seven huge and powerful horses that resembling the seven days of a week.

Chilka Lake Chilka Lake : It is the largest coastal lake in India that is also known as the largest inland salt water lagoon. Migratory birds come here all round the year. Now the lake is also popular for dolphins in their natural abode.

In addition to the aforementioned attractions, there are also a number of major attractions in and around city that will keep you enticed for a long time to come. Puri is also known for a number of beautiful accommodation options and restaurants. Toshali resorts, the only four-star resort in the state of Orissa approved by tourist and state government, is also one of the amazing accommodation option here. Reaching to Puri is also easy as the nearest airport is in Bhubaneswar. book now