Pushkar - the rose garden of Rajasthan

Pushkar Travel Guide

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourist attraction in India where tourists, especially foreigners, come to explore the ancient architectural wonders and an amazing environment sometimes very hot and sometimes very cold. In fact the entire state is full of globally renowned attractions, but it is also known for some pilgrimages like Ajamer Sharif, Karauli, and Pushkar. As far as the Pushkar is concerned, it is one of the picturesque places in the state of Rajasthan known for the temple of Lord Brihma. Amazing, the place is known for having the only temple of Lord Brihma in the entire world. Every year, a considerable amount of tourists from all parts of the world come to explore the amazing temple and the holy lake here. The holy lake also has some spiritual importance that attracts devotees from all parts of the world.

During the months of Oct-Nov (in hind Kartik), the place get full of devotees who come to take a bath in the lake and pay homage to Lord Brima. Amazingly a fair is also organized during the fair that is globally renowned and named as Pushkar Fair. Out of which the camel fair is very much popular here. During the fair, different types of traditional and cultural programs are organized by Rajasthani men and women. Even, foreigners also enjoy it and participate in it to celebrate the fair and festivals in India. In other words, the colorful and amazing camel fair is celebrated like a grand festival here as you will experience the excitement of watching unique camel beauty pageants and camel races organized here in the fair. 

Pushkar is also famous for a number of other temples and attractions. Some of the major attractions in and around Pushkar are :

Brahma Temple Brahma Temple : it is the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma (who is believed to create the entire universe). The beautiful marble temple houses a four headed idol of Lord Brahma decorated with silver coins and a silver turtle on its back.

Pushkar Lake Pushkar Lake : It is one of the most sacred lakes in India with more than 52 ghats. During the month of Kartin, thousands of devotees come to take a holy dip in it.

Savitri Temple Savitri Temple : It is a beautiful temple dedicated to goddess Savitiri, the first wife of Lord Brahma. After Brahma temple, it is the second important temple on a hilltop.

Rangji or Rangnath  Temple Rangji or Rangnath Temple : It is one of the famous temples developed in south Indian architecture style with a huge statue of Lord Vishnu.

Varah Temple : Like other temples, it is also one of the most sacred temples in Pushkar known for the amazing Idol of Lord Vishnu.

Apteshwar Temple : It was developed in 12th century that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

There are also a number of small to star rated hotels in Pushkar. In this way, you can stay here for some days to explore its surrounding areas. Reaching to Pushkar is easy as it is only a few km away from the capital city Jaipur. book now