Rajkot - Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood OR its gold purity and has one of the largest gold markets in India OR its rich heritage and history has many historical monuments

Rajkot Travel Guide

Rajkot, one of the prime attractions in India in the state of Gujarat, has been a historical significance where people from all parts of the world come to know the life of Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi who lived here from the age of six. This beautiful and main attraction in the state of Gujarat is also known for a number of major attractions that keep travelers spell bound for a long time and persuade them to come here again and again. Now, with an aim to make your tour to Rajkot hassle-free, we offer you a short note to some major attractions in and around Rajkot. The most popular attractions are :

Mahatma Gandhi House Karba Gandhi No Delo / Mahatma Gandhi House : It is one of the most popular places in Rajkot where Mahatma Gandhi lived from the age of 6. Here you will find a good collection of things that were used by Mahatma Gandhi in his life.

Waston  Museum Waston Museum : It was set up by Colonel John Watson. You will find an amazing collection of books and other research notes here along with a marble statue of Queen Victoria.

Aji Dam Aji Dam : It is located only a few km from Rajkot that is also the main water supply source for the city.

Rashtriya  Shala Rashtriya Shala : It was founded by the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu ji.

Lal Pari  Lake Lal Pari Lake and Randerda : They both are picturesque picnic spot that keep travelers mesmerized. These spots are only five km from Rajkot.

Jagat Mandir : It is a very beautiful and amazing temple of Shri RamKrishna Paramhansa that is made of red stone.

Lang Library : It is a library where you will find a collection of unlimited books covering every period of Rajkot and Saurashtra.

RajKumar College : It is considered as India's best private college that was set up by the British for the eduction of princes of Indian states.

In addition the aforementioned tourist attractions there are also a number of tourist places in and around Rajkot. Swaminarayan temple, Race course, BAPS Swaminarayan temple, Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Ishwariya temple, Mukti Dham, Jublee garden, Wankaner, Lal Pan Lake, Morvi, etc are some of the major attractions here that speak all about the rich history of the place.

Today a considerable amount of tourists from all parts of the country come here to explore the real history of Rajkot and Saurashtra. This is the main reason that there are also a number of accommodation options available here along with multi-cuisine restaurants. In this way, you can stay here for some more days and explore the life of the Father of Nation. In this way, you can also book a hotel in Rajkot online to enjoy your tour without any problem in accommodating. So what you are waiting for, come to us and enjoy a tour to Rajkot. book now