Rameswaram - Varanasi of the south

Rameswaram Travel Guide

Located in the Ramnathpuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram is one of the ancient places in India that has also a sacred and historical significance. The wonderful sea town and the major tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu is known for a amazing environment, friendly people and above all major tourist attractions. Needless to say, thousands of devotees, beach tour enthusiasts, nature lovers and tourists with their families come to explore the untouched beauty and serene environment of Rameswaram.

And this is the main reason that the place is full of tourists throughout the year. Even, tourists also prefer to explore the city to take a deep breath in serene environment far from city hustle and bustle. When it comes to explore the city, Rameshwaram is full of tourist places and pilgrimages that really show the perfect picture of ancient Indian architectural wonders. Talking about major attractions of the city, there are a number of tourist places that keep travelers enticed; while at the same time, pilgrimages make devotees feel as if they are very close to their Lords.

Some of the main attractions in and around Rameswaram are :

Ramnathswamy Temple Ramnathswamy Temple : Ramnathswamy temple, located in the prime location of the city, is one of the ancient temples in South India that has more than 1200 granite columns.

Agnitheertham Agnitheertham : It is said that when Lord Ram reached to Rameswaram at beach to enter Lanka to kill Ravana, he worshipped Lord Shiva here. Since then, the place is a very deep religious faith.

Ramjharokha Temple Ramjharokha Temple : It is also one of the ancient temples in Rameshwaram that is also considered as the highest point on the island of Rameswaram. It is said the shire preserve the imprints of Lord Rama's Feet on a wheel.

Adam's Bridge Adam's Bridge : It is a perfect bridge that almost connected Sri Lanka to India. It is also a chain of reefs, sandbanks and islets that is also believed to be the series of stepping stones used y Hanuman to follow Ravana.

Dhanuskodi Dhanuskodi : It is a few km from Rameswaram that houses the graceful idols of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman along with Vibhishana (Brother of Ravana).

in addition to this, there are also a number of other major attractions in the city that keep tourists and devotees mesmerized for a long time. Today, Rameswaram is also known for a number of hotels, restaurants and other accommodation and food points. In this way, you can also stay here for some more days and enjoy the amazing points. book now