Ranthambore - Hill Forts of Rajasthan OR Lady of the Lakes OR Tigress Queen of Ranthambore

Ranthambore Travel Guide

Located in the Sawai Madhopur district at the meeting point of Aravali and Vindhya ranges, Ranthambore national park is one of the most attractive wildlife reserve and national park in India in the state of Rajasthan. Especially for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the place is no less than a paradise as they have plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of Fauna and natural beauty as well. The main and thrilling experience is the walking of Big wild Cats or Tigers whom you will see very closely. Every year, a heavy influx of tourists from all parts of the world comes to explore the real natural beauty in the desert state of Rajasthan.

As far as the tourist attractions in Ranthambore are concerned, this major attractions and its surrounding area is full of major attractions. Some of the major attractions in Ranthambore are :

Ranthambore fort Ranthambore fort : It is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan built in 10th century. Chauhan rulers were the main people behind its construction. It is said that Ranthambore fort was considered as safe from enemies; but unfortunately, it couldn't prevent the major incident of royal ladies who committed self-immolation or “Jauhar” to save their honour from the plundering hands of Muslim Invaders whose chief was Ala-Ud-Din-Khilji. Today, the fort also holds Badal Mahal (Cloud palace), massive gates, huge walls and tanks along with temples.

Jogi Mahal Jogi Mahal : It is also one of the most beautiful palaces in Ranthambore in the heart of the forest overlooking the Padam Talab. Interestingly, the attraction is very close to National park that has all the services and facilities required for a comfy accommodation. You will also explore an ancient Banyan tree here that is said to be the second largest Banyan tree in India.

Ranthambore national  park Ranthambore national park : It is the park for that Ranthambore is known in India and all parts of the world. Ranthambore national park is spread in an area of 392 square kilo meter. It covers the amazing forest ranges of Aravali and Vindhyan ranges. Ranthambore national park is not only known for the natural habitant of different endangered to common wild animals and reptiles, but also for three lakes (Padam Talab, Raj Bagh Talab and Milak Talab). The surrounding area of these lakes are the right place for Tigers to stay and find plenty of food. However, more than 264 species of birds, variety of fauna, and different other wild animals make it an ideal place to explore.

When it comes to reach to Ranthambore, it is easy and simple as the Sawai Madhopur District is well connected via road and rail to all the major parts of the country. book now