Shirdi - Land of Sai OR Shirdi Sai Baba OR One God governs all

Shirdi Travel Guide

India has been witnessing a huge and a centre of pilgrimages. People not only from different states, but from all parts of the world come to pay homage to different temples and shrines here. Among a number of religious sites and attractions, Shirdi, in the state of Maharashtra has been gaining momentum as a globally renowned tourist attraction at global pilgrimages map. The small town of Shirdi comes in the district Ahmednagar in Maharashtra state. It is at Highway number 10 named Ahmednagar-Manmad state highways that are almost 85 km from Ahemadnagar.

The holy place in the state of Maharashtra is known for the 19th century home of the popular Guru Shirdi Sai Baba. Every year, thousands of devotees come to pay homage to Shirdi Sai Baba. Only a few years ago, it was a very small town, but the devotion of people towards the holy place has witnessed a significant growth in the infrastructure of the town. Now, you will feel as if you are in a very good and large city as there are a number of hotels, restaurants and other options of accommodation and meal.

There is a very interesting history behind the place. Sai Baba as a boy of about 16 years of age came here in the 19th century and stay here under a tree named Neem Ka Ped. And for more than 60 years, he stayed here and devoted his life to help poor and sufferings. Interesting fact about Shirdi Sai Baba was that he never believe in any particular religion and always spoke “Sabka Malik Ek” that means God is one. However, a number of people came in his opponent and tried to kill them many a times. But they couldn't get success. In this way, he according to his choice entered his Samadhi for eternal sleep on the day Tuesday that was the 15th October of 1918. Shri Sai Baba guide millions of people and got fame all over the world.

With an aim to pay homage to Shri Sai Baba, millions of devotees come here every year. However the best day according to people is Thursday because according to Hindu Mythology, it is the day for the worship of Guru.
In the real way, it is located at the Nashik-Pune highway that is 90 km from Nasik; while 260mk from the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The nearest airport to reach here are Pine, Aurangabad and Mumbai. However, the holy place is well connected via road to all the major cities of the country.


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