Sikkim - Paradise of Botanists

Sikkim Travel Guide

Sikkim, one of the eye-catching mountain regions in the north-east India, is one of the calm and naturally beautiful states. The smallest and amazing Indian state is full of natural wonders. In addition to this, it is also known for different species of animals like Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep and the list goes on. Moreover, more than 600 to 1000 species of different orchids and flowers add more spice in the beauty of this wonderful place. Smiling people, generous hospitality and the perfect combination of natural and prehistoric monuments make it an ideal place to stay and enjoy.

Nature tour enthusiasts, honeymooners, geologists and those who want to take a deep breath in an open environment far from city hustle and bustle, Sikkim is without any doubt the perfect place for them to enjoy. Ancient monasteries, and a number of attractions like Nathu La Pass, Tsongmo Lake, Baba Mandir, are some of the memorable places to visit in Sikkim.

As far as the main attraction of the Indian capital and the main attraction of the North-east Part of the country are concerned, then all the attractions lie in and around the capital city named Gangtok. It is one of the major cities of the state that is in the South-east part of the state at an altitude of 1780m height. It is also one of the major centres of trade in the state of Sikkim. Needless to say, Gangtok is a modern city that is known for people who believe in contemporary fashion. You will find a majority of Bhuita, Lepcha and Nepali people here. Charismatic, laid-back town straddling a ridge with houses spilling down the hillside, etc., are some of the amazing attractions and way of the city to visit it.

The highest elevation of the state is the third highest peak in the world named Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is considered as the guardian peak of the state. Every year, a considerable amount of visitors come to explore the major attractions of the state.

Interestingly, the state is a paradise for adventure tour lovers who believe in mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, Para-gliding and many other adventure sports. In addition to the aforementioned tourist attractions, the hand-made items, different traditions, culture, unique and age-old civilization, different festival and fairs keep travelers enticed and persuade them to come here again and again to enjoy the best moments of their lives.

Today, there are also a number of star-rated to luxury hotels in Gangtok and other major cities or in the surrounding areas of the major attractions. You will also find a number of restaurants here to enjoy the best food from north-east.

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