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Terms & Condition

Dear Customer,

We at Toshali Tours & Travels (TTT) make every effort to provide you and your family with the best services in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at all times. We strive for your complete satisfaction and endeavour to provide a safe and secure travel without any misunderstandings. So please read and understand the booking conditions for your holiday, before you register yourself for any of the tours packages.

The 'Terms and Conditions' given below, on our website, related printed material, the tour registration form and any other printed material, together with "Frequently asked questions (FAQ)" and "How to book your tour" form the basis of our contract with you. You have to strictly comply with all the terms and conditions laid down herein while subscribing any of our tour packages.

Brochure Accuracy

This brochure containing terms and conditions and tour tariff is published in August 2006. And supercedes all previous brochures and other relevant publications. Errors and omissions may creep in spite of every effort to ensure brochure accuracy at the time of publication. The maps used in the brochure are for reference only and are not to scale. We reserve the right to change any brochure information before or after a tour is booked, due to any events beyond our control. Tour itinerary, tour price, departure date and hotels are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances or business reasons which will be conveyed to the customers. "Passenger / You / Guest / Customer" means the person(s) in whose name(s) or on whose behalf booking or registration is made. "Company / We / Us / means Toshali Tours and Travels, a div of T K International Limited." Independent contractor means any "Hotel / Resort / its owner, owner of any airlines or shipping company or railway or Ferry Boat / Cruise / Coach owner" or any other person or organisation who renders service to public and opted by company to avail services to the Passengers/Tourists in its tour package.

Scope of Activities

Toshali Tours and Travels is basically travel and holiday organizer only. We do not control or operate any airline or any other mode of transport like shipping, railway, motor, buses, coaches etc. Our Tours and Travels Division also do not control any Hotel, Transport or other facility or the services mentioned in this brochure. We take utmost care in selecting all the ingredients for making your holiday a comfortable one. We only select based on our experience and their market goodwill, but do not have any control over their operation. Thus, we are not responsible for any injury, loss, personal harm, death or damage to the person or property which may be caused by the commission and omission of any act on the part of the independent contractors, its management or employees. However compensation can be claimed against such independent contractors directly by you as per law for such acts of commission and omission on their part.


There are preset menus for meals provided on tours. During the tour we will provide hygienic delicious pure vegetarian food, specially prepared for you. The types of meals are clearly indicated herein. Unlike an airline we cannot process a special meal nor we can guarantee a special diet for the passenger except mentioned herein and preferred by you. The delicious food includes morning breakfast, lunch, evening tea / coffee and dinner. We however, reserve the right to change the meal arrangements if circumstances makes it necessary for us to do so. In event of the tour participant missing any meal due to any reason, then no claim can be made for the meal he has missed and not utilised. Also note that during the to and fro train journey we do not provide any food service.


You will be out on sightseeing tours to carry your memories most of the time and hence we have taken care to select hotels, which are comfortable. Most of the rooms have a private bath or shower and they may be located in the city centre or away from the city centre. Air - conditioning, central heating and other facilities are solely at the hotelier's discretion, dependent upon factors such as weather conditions, local systems, tour type, etc. Triple rooms are not larger than twin rooms and the third bed is often a roll-away mattress put in a twin bedded room. Passengers will have to abide by the check-in and check-out times of the hotels.

Though we have published the name of the hotels and resorts in each tour, we reserve the right to change the same due to unavoidable circumstances, when we may have to provide alternative, similar accommodation, for which no refund shall be allowed. The rooms shall be allotted as per the check in time of the hotels and resorts and they shall have to vacate as per check out time. In some hotels and resorts the rooms may be twin bedded. No extra bed is provided for children below 12 years(Unless specifically requested for and additional amount paid for).In case of certain Government hotels and Private hotels, full deposit has to be made in advance to confirm the reservations. In such cases, no refund for that amount can be given for amendment, cancellation or non utilization of the said services.

Note : In most Hotels, extra bed constitutes a mattress with bed sheet, blanket and pillow.

For tours, the check-in time for hotels and resorts is at 12 noon and check-out time is 8 am in some hotels and resorts, early arrivals and late departures should be adjusted by the guests themselves as per the respective check-in and check-out timings of the respective hotels and resorts. We will not be responsible or liable in case of loss of baggage or personal effects from the hotel. Any damage caused to the hotel during your stay shall be payable by you, and the company will not be liable for the same.

Train Journey

As the reservation for the train starts 60 days prior to the date of journey, hence we suggest and request to book your tickets 60 days in advance, if the tickets are booked in Tatkal coach then passengers have to carry Original I-Card on which name ticket is issued. Train or Air fair is not included in our tour packages. Please book your journey tickets well in advance or you may contact the travel agents for your journey tickets. After journey reservation tickets arranged by your own arrangement or through our select booking agents, please contact our sales office for information on meeting point and timing at the particular station or airport where you have to reach on your own for journey.

Coach Seating

Our seat numbers are allotted on the booking priority basis on first cum first serve basis and seat numbers remain fixed throughout the tour, seat nos. 3, 4 in each bus / coach are reserved as premium seats. Passengers can book the same by paying a premium cost (seats subject to availability). Children below 4 years are not provided with seats in buses. Still the passengers may interchange their seats with their co-passengers, on mutual consent, after getting down from train. If there are less number of passengers, then we may provide a car, matador, quails or mini bus. If there is any traffic or road related problems like, road block, or traffic jam, you will have to co-operate with the tour manager. In case of accident, please follow the instructions of tour manager to reach the next destination, in such cases we are not liable for the damage to your luggage or any injury to the passenger. However we will provide every possible of assistance and help in case of an accident. There is a strict no smoking, drinking and eating policy on the buses. If you are carrying any high value items on the coach, we advise you not to leave them behind when you leave the coach. We will not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such items from the coach. Any damage caused by you to the coach during the travel shall be paid by you, and the company will not be liable for the same.

Itinerary Changes

We may often operate more than one coach per departure date. For the comfort and convenience of the passengers, sometimes we change the direction, or slightly amend the itinerary, including the flight/train/coach routing. We will advise you of these amendments, prior to the start of the tour or during the tour. In the event that a passenger / joining passenger misses out on any part of the sightseeing tour or any such tour due to delay on his part, he will not be entitled to claim refund for the same.


The registration amount paid while booking is a non-refundable. The full payment must be received in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Brochure, under the heading "How to book your Tour". Passengers must clear the entire billing amount of the tour before the tour departure date. In case of dishonoured cheques, passengers will have to pay 150/- per cheque and other service charges. Please note dishonour of cheque is a criminal offence and the company reserves the right to take legal action, if required.

Tour Prices

The price quoted in our proposal or brochure has been calculated as per the rates prevailing at the time of printing this brochure. The company reserves the right to amend / alter the price published in this brochure in case of supplier rate fluctuations and / or fuel costs, before the date of departure. Any such increase in price must be paid for in full before tour departure by the passenger.


If any passenger wishes to deviate from the tour itinerary, company reserves the right to charge an additional supplement, which may affect the passenger's tour price.

Tour Prices Ex-Bhubaneswar

Tour price is based on departure from Ex Bhubaneswar only, unless otherwise specifically mentioned. Passengers boarding flights from other places will have to reach to the destination as specified to you at the time of booking the tour package.

Tour Manager

On your arrival as soon as you get down from the train / air, our tour manager will be with you throughout tour, and we advise you to co-operate with our manager in all respect to make your tour really enjoyable. Allotment of rooms and selection of daily food menu is the duty of the tour manager and passengers should not interfere in these matters. Passenger(s) indulging in unwanted hindrances in the smooth operation of the tour or quarrelling with the manager or other fellow passengers shall be asked to leave the tour at that spot, and shall not be given any refund of the tour cost.


It is advisable to acquire adequate Holiday Insurance cover for protection from any expenses such as medical, legal, hospitalization, accident etc.

Transfer of Tour

A transfer from the originally booked tour to another tour will be treated as a cancellation on that tour and a fresh booking on another. All cancellation charges as stated herein will apply. Tour price and discounts available during fresh booking will be applicable.


Toshali Tours & Travel reserves the right to publish the passengers' photographs or group photographs taken during the tour without intimation or permission from the said passenger(s) for promotional activities of tourism.


The company reserves the right to amend, alter, vary or withdraw any of the discounts without prior intimation. The discount is valid for limited number of seats and limited period only. The discount given to the passengers will be at the sole discretion of the company and may vary from passenger to passenger and for bookings done on different dates for the same tour due to various factors. To avail of the discount, passengers must pay the minimum registration amount at the time of booking itself. Discounts are not available on amounts charged for children.

Privacy of Information

Company will treat all the information furnished by you as confidential and will share only the necessary information with airlines, hotels and other service providers like airlines, hotels and others who will provide the services to you during your tour. However, we may be constrained to disclose the said information, if required by the law or by an order of a court government / statutory authority over the company. While booking your tour, please provide your PAN number as per central Government regulation.


All services such as airline seats / hotel accommodation / ground transportation are pre blocked well in advance. We are liable to pay penalties to all our suppliers / vendors / independent contractors if these services are released within the mentioned time frame. If the passengers have to cancel the tour due to any reason, they have to make an application in writing to that effect, along with the original receipt issued by the company. Such cancellation will attract the cancellation charges as per tour policy.


Any contract or agreement entered into with the company are entered at Mumbai. Therefore any disputes or matters pertaining to the tours, clubbed individual departures or other services, will be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only. A contract or agreement is deemed only upon issuance of any official TTT money receipt.

Payment Procedure

There is no contract between TTT and the passenger until appropriate payments are received according to the payment terms. If full payments are not made within the time frame, the company reserves the right to cancel the booking with consequent loss of deposit and apply cancellation charges as applicable or forfeit the amount paid as cancellation.

The entire tour cost or 5000/- per person vide cash / local cheque (Mumbai) / demand draft(DD) in the name of Toshali Tours & Travels has to be paid at the time of booking.

Total balance amount is to be paid 20 days prior to tour departure without waiting for reminder from TTT, as per schedule in cash / DD / local Cheque (Mumbai). If booking is made within 20 days of tour departure, full payment along with tour booking form shall be accepted vide cash / local cheque / DD in our Mumbai Office only. Please do not make any cash payments except directly to us under TTT cash receipt. Full air / rail fare must be paid 2 months in advance. Any amount in this head has to be paid in favour of Toshali Tours & Travels, payable by DD / local cheque (Mumbai).

Booking Arrangement

We have made arrangements with some tour Travel Operators / Persons to facilitate information dissemination and tour bookings. TTT does not take any responsibility for tours, packages or services sold by these representatives, which are not published in TTT's brochure or operated / managed by Toshali Tours & Travels. All payments made to them will have to be only vide crossed cheque or DD only favouring "Toshali Tours & Travels", payable at Mumbai.

Individual Traveller

A passenger travelling alone will have to take a separate room and pay additional 25% of the tour cost, as single occupancy charges. If there is another passenger travelling alone on the tour, and two mutually opt to share the room, the additional 25% charge shall be refunded by cheque (after completion of tour only).

Tour Cost Exclude

Railway / airfare, laundry, excess luggage charge, bed tea, room service, tips, portage at airport, railway stations or buses, charges for surfing, fishing, medical expenses, meals and snacks on rail and long distance bus journey of six hours or more, any entertainment programmes and other items of personal nature not specifically mentioned as included in the tour details.

Rules For Cancellations, Transfers And Changes

Transfer of your Tour

If you wish to change the tour and an alternative is available, full payment for the new tour will have to be made in cash or DD. The refund for booked tour will be given after deducting 50% of actual cancellation charges as stated under cancellation rules (Minimum 1000/-) as also actual rail / air cancellation charges if any and all related service charges. In event of cancellation of the transferred tour, cancellation charges would be applied for both the original and transferred tours, in full.

Change of Names in The Group / Family

Such changes shall be entertained, subject to availability and prevalent rules of respective vendors like railway / Airlines.

Cancellation and Refund Rules

If TTT cancels a tour, full amount shall be refunded by cheque. However, if a tour has to be preponed / postponed due to factors / reasons on which we have no control, like, political / climatic reasons, natural calamities or due to airlines, rail or road problems, passengers will have to accept available alternate services and bear the actual increase in costs. Cancellation will not be entertained on these accounts and no refund paid.

Cancellation Charges as Followed

  • 60 days more in advance - 10% of tour cost
  • 31 to 59 days in advance - 30% of tour cost
  • 11 to 30 days in advance - 50% of tour cost
  • 01 to 10 days in advance - 80% of tour cost
  • 00 days (On or after tour departure date) - No refund

Note : Refund of rail and air fares is remitted after deducting actual cancellation charges and service charges / taxes.

Unavoidable Circumstances

If the tour program has to be changed / extended and sight seeing postponed / cancelled due to reasons beyond our control like riots, political unrest, bandhs, accidents or any natural/ man made calamities, the passengers will have to accept changes made in itinerary, hotel, transport and bear the additional expenditure incurred to facilitate the same.

If any passenger leaves the tour mid-way, due to any reasons whatsoever, no refund shall be offered for the remaining portion of the tour. The expenses for the return journey shall also be borne by the passenger on tour itself.

Government Tax

Please note that any Tax including Service Tax as applicable by government on air fare and railway service etc will be collected at actuals from Passengers.


The passenger has to follow a high standard of reasonableness in his / her behaviour and approach and respect to the customs so that no disturbance is caused to fellow members of tour or general public at public places so as to make his / her as well as others tour comfortable. The passenger will not be indulging in any unwarranted or illegal activities during such tour and also he / she shall be solely responsible and liable for any such activities without attributing anything to Toshali Tours and Travel.

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